PrimerDigital delivers state-of-the-art PCR software, biotechnology solutions, molecular markers development to worldwide science.

PrimerDigital has been behind the majority of PCR software and biotechnology innovations over the last decade. We dedicated people solely focused on creating the best Science experience on any device. Develop just such a software product that we are actively using.

PrimerDigital is an international biotechnology company specialized in high quality PCR primers and probes design service for all PCR applications, PCR-based technology development, projects for development of polymorphism detection and other PCR projects, application laboratories, software development and consulting.

Our Research and Development team has more that ten years experience in molecular biology, genetics and bioinformatics. We have competence in various types of PCR based analysis methods, and development of software for PCR optimization.

PrimerDigital is a biotechnology company specialized in high quality primer, probe design service, and software development.

PrimerDigital with Oligomer as partner offers a wide and comprehensive range of high-quality oligos, probes, and primers, as well as custom synthesis including a full range of longmers and modified oligos - all in a variety of scales, concentrations, formats, and purification levels.

We are operated by many languages - Finnish, Swedish, English, German and Russian