Primer and Probe design

1. General PCR primer design: for standard, inverted, long and quantitative PCR and sequencing applications.
2. Design set of primers for multiplex PCR, the art multiplex primer design with PCR band size discrimination and other tasks without the need of PCR product size control.
3. Design PCR primers for SSR loci, and applying for multiplex PCR.
4. Re-design existing PCR primers.
5. Design Group or unique specific primers for amplification of related sequences and detection of polymorphism or for cloning.
6. Design primers for retrotransposon (or other repeats) detection polymorphisms.

qPCR and microarray Probe design

1. Real-time PCR primer or probes (TaqMan, Molecular beacons, LUX Primers; Self-reporting primers and other).
2. Microarray short oligonucleotides probe design.
3. Re-design probes for important sequences to improving qPCR efficiency.

Project services

1. Developing efficient PCR primers for any PCR application in science, medicine, forensic or business.
2. Multiplex PCR primers development project.
3. PCR primers development for polymorphism detection for multi-locus genes project.
4. Developing repeats based amplification polymorphism for any plant or animal genomes, base on simple repeats, retrotransposons, tandem repeats or other repeats.
5. Project in-silico or laboratory experiments. Developing efficient PCR primers for detection polymorphism between individuals for any plant or animal genome.
6. Probe design project.

Software development services

1. Developing efficient algorithms for PCR primer and probe design for any applications, which use advanced algorithm searches for designing optimal primers and probes.
2. Developing software for the customers needs.