Primer and Probe design Solutions

  • General PCR primer design: for standard, inverted, long and quantitative PCR and sequencing applications.
  • Design set of primers for multiplex PCR, the art multiplex primer design with PCR band size discrimination and other tasks without the need of PCR product size control.
  • Design PCR primers for SSR loci, and applying for multiplex PCR.
  • Re-design existing PCR primers.
  • Design Group or unique specific primers for amplification of related sequences and detection of polymorphism or for cloning.
  • Design primers for retrotransposon (or other repeats) detection polymorphisms.
  • Real-time PCR primer or probes (TaqMan, TaqMan® MGB probes, Molecular beacons, LUX Primers; Self-reporting primers and other).
  • Microarray short oligonucleotides probe design.
  • Re-design probes for important sequences to improving qPCR efficiency.

Project services

  • Gene walking project (finding unkonw genomic DMA sequences adjacent to a know sequence).
  • Developing efficient PCR primers for any PCR application in science, medicine, forensic or business.
  • Multiplex PCR primers development project.
  • PCR primers development for polymorphism detection for multi-locus genes project.
  • Developing repeats based amplification polymorphism for any plant or animal genomes, base on simple repeats, retrotransposons, tandem repeats or other repeats.
  • Project “in silico” (virtual) or laboratory experiments. Developing efficient PCR primers for detection polymorphism between individuals for any plant or animal genome.
  • Probe design project.

Software development services

  • Developing efficient algorithms for PCR primer and probe design for any applications, which use advanced algorithm searches for designing optimal primers and probes.
  • Developing software for the customers needs.

DNA ana RNA extraction from any sources services

  • PrimerDigital has been used for several years as the most reliable facility for DNA/RNA extraction laboratory services by many institutions.
  • A unique method for isolation DNA/RNA from any souces and tissue amount without the use of organic (phenol/chloroform, ethanol etc.) extraction, guanidium salts or CTAB and silica adsorption membrane.
  • By working with our experienced team, we are able to offer you a very cost-effective solution for your DNA/RNA extraction needs. Customers who would rather outsource than to carry out the extraction process themselves can make use of our DNA extraction services.