Ruslan Kalendar

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Title: Professor (Biology), Adjunct Professor (Docent), (No. 325/114/2007), Department of Biosciences, Division of Genetics, University of Helsinki, Finland
Senior Research Scientist, LUKE/BI Plant Genome Dynamics, University of Helsinki, Finland
Ph.D. (Molecular Genetics & Molecular Biology) Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics of National Academy of Ukraine
M.S. (Molecular Genetics & Molecular Biology) Odessa National University, Ukraine

Research interests: general evolution, Goethe's science, genetics, RNA world, biology of retrotransposons, their role in shaping the genome, and their applications as markers for biodiversity and breeding, synthetic biology, bioinformatics (string searching and complexity analysis, search of repeats, DNA alignment and assembly, PCR primer design) and mathematics (Projective Geometry).

Current Editorial Contributions

BMC Biology: Associate Editor in Genetics and Genomics

BMC Genomics: Editorial Board Member

BMC Plant Biology: Editorial Board Member

BMC Genomic Data: Editorial Board Member

Heliyon: Associate Editor in Plant Genetics

Frontiers in Plant Science: Associate Editor for Technical Advances in Plant Science

Frontiers in Genetics: Review Editor for Plant Genomics

Frontiers in Bioscience-Elite: Editorial Board Member

BioTech: Editorial Board Member

Past Editorial Contributions

PLoS One: Academic Editor

PeerJ: Academic Editor

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