PrimerDigital's Vision

Our vision is to deliver the best molecular biology, genetics and medicine results on any scientific experiments.


We strive to develop a superior PCR software for science through state-of-the-art technology, ordinary demands, extraordinary solutions for high quality primer and probe design service; 'third-generation' sequencing technologies and 'next-generation' of phusion enzymes with a given function; to develop DNA/RNA purification from any sources; biotechnology solutions for diagnostic and molecular biology; polymorphic molecular markers development to worldwide science, leadership and partnerships.

We believe in open and free information, responsibility and cooperation in science as a major factor in the development of science.

Scientific information should stay open and free to all, regardless of which scientific application they are using. Standards are much like the spirit of the Science; a structure on which human innovation can prosper to the benefit of everyone. PrimerDigital will never seek to hinder the Science's continuous evolutionary process by imposing proprietary standards.

As a highly innovative company, our products comes up with many ideas and concepts that are patentable. In some situations, we will apply for software patents as a way to protect ourselves from attacks by other aggressive patent holders.

We believe in social responsibility.

PrimerDigital products will only thrive in an environment where every care is taken to act as a responsible. PrimerDigital will strive to always act as a pillar of social responsibility in everything it does.

PrimerDigital promises to always endeavor to adhere to the aforementioned principles, so all our products will abide by the five S's: Speed, Size, Security, Standards Compliance and State of the Art.

We believe in good employment.

PrimerDigital Software's employees are our most valuable resource. PrimerDigital software will interact with its employees in the same way as it strives to interact with its customers: following the highest ethical standards and respect of individuality.

We believe in privacy.

We will always employ the highest ethical standards when dealing with our customers' private information. PrimerDigital software is licensing out Internet products, not its customers.

We believe in a Science that preserves cultural diversity.

The Science should not eradicate cultural differences. As in life, the Science provides richer experiences when people from all over the world meet and learn from each other in mutual respect.

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