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Our world-class and complimentary probe design service is available for creating unique probes and primers specifically for most PCR applications and their combinations:
standard, multiplex, long distance, inverse, real-time PCR (LUX and self-reporting), multiplex PCR, group-specific (universal primers for genetically related DNA sequences) or unique (specific primers for each from genetically related DNA sequences), overlap extension PCR (OE-PCR) multi-fragments assembling cloning and LAMP (Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification); single primer PCR (design of PCR primers from close located inverted repeat), automatically detecting SSR loci and direct PCR primer design, amino acid sequence degenerate PCR, Polymerase Chain Assembly (PCA), design amplicons that tile across a region(s) of interest and much more.

Probes are crafted using the best design algorithms and all sequences and analysis data are provided. The service can accommodate a variety of chemistries for broad-ranging applications, including singleplex and multiplex assays for dual-labeled probes, and probes, and probes that contain LNA, Molecular Beacons.

Design both overlapping and non-overlapping primers to generate either distinct or overlapping amplicons for whole genome amplification depending on the desired sensitivity.

Try our free probe design service to see how it can improve the success of your research.

Product-No Description Price [€] per Design
PCR Primer Design
4000 Design of 10 - 100 PCR primer pairs 5,0
4001 Design of > 100 PCR primer pairs 4,0
4002 Design of 10-100 single forward of reverse primer 3,0
4003 Design of > 100 single forward of reverse primer 2,5
4010 Design of 10 - 100 primer pairs for multiplex PCR 6,0
4011 Design of 10 - 100 primer pairs for group-specific (or unique) PCR 10,0
4020 Design of 10 - 100 single primer for repeats, PCR fingerprint 10,0
4003 Re-design primer pairs to improving PCR efficiency 5,0
4100 Basic fee for design projects 100,0
Real-Time (Quantitative) PCR Probe and Primer Design
5000 Design of 1 - 10 probes 10,0
5010 Design of >10 probes 7,0
5020 Design of 1 - 10 probes and appropriate primers for multiplex real-time PCR 10,0
5030 Design of 1 - 10 appropriate fluorescent primers for multiplex quenching-based real-time PCR 10,0
5100 Basic fee for design projects 100,0
Oligo Design for Microarrays
6000 Design of 1 - 100 Oligos for microarrays 5,0
6010 Design of >100 Oligos for microarrays 3,0
6100 Basic fee for design projects 100,0

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