Prepare for PCR analysis

Primer Design Options” is general for all given sequences, as background. For individual, selective options and task, sequences need convert to FASTA format with “>”, these options have a highest priority, and they are covering the general (background) options. All these command used optionally and only for advanced tasks. In generally, you can relax and forgot about it. Press F5 show what is FastPCR found in given sequences. The result file (Excel sheet, XML page or Text) contains a list of the best primers and compatible primer combinations. It shows the type of PCR, the left and right flanking regions for primer selection, and the annealing temperature. Each primer combination includes information for primer position and length, optimal melting temperature and product length.

PCR primers and probes design command lines

Any of these following commands must be written AFTER the sequence name or “>” (these commands are not case sensitive) and press Enter and the end of line. The commands can occupy any place in the command line.

PCR set-up examples