The Restriction Endonuclease Analysis

Update Enzyme List

FastPCR imports the restriction endonucleases databases from REBASE, which is updated monthly.
REBASE Format #5 contains a list of all prototypes and their recognition sequences.

The program automatically downloads this file from REBASE site if it is missing in the FastPCR program directory C:\Program Files\FastPCR.
The user can delete the file from this directory, if necessary that the program download the latest version of this file. Otherwise, user may manually update this file from REBASE. This will download file link_proto from that need to save or overwrite old link_proto file at FastPCR folder C:\Program Files (x86)\FastPCR (or C:\Program Files\FastPCR ).

This link_proto file can be freely modified by the user, any removal or adding of custom sequences, retaining the style of these enzymes.

Custom sequence

Input custom sequence” – searching sequence at least 3 nt must be in the standard IUB/IUPAC nucleic acid codes, any other characters - digits, spaces, TAB characters or else are ignored, low- and upper-case insensitive; palindromic or non-palindromic recognition site:
allowed to search for pure degenerate sequence e.g.: RYRYRYRYRRYR, RRRNNNNYYY, KMKMKMKMMM ...
or mixed with standard bases: aaccNNNNccaa, tRcRtRRRRR ...

Motif with long 'N' chain in central part of custom sequence also accepted: RRRNNNNNNNNNNNNNNYYY, atcNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNttRRRR....

Modifying the coding squence (CDS) with restriction site