FastPCR is an integrated tool for PCR primers or probe design, in silico PCR, oligonucleotide assembly and analyses, alignment and repeat searching

  • The FastPCR software is an integrated tools environment that provides comprehensive and professional facilities for designing any kind of PCR primers for standard, long distance, inverse, real-time PCR, multiplex PCR, Xtreme Chain Reaction (XCR), group-specific (universal primers for genetically related DNA sequences) or unique (specific primers for each from genetically related DNA sequences), overlap extension PCR (OE-PCR) multi-fragments assembling cloning and LAMP (Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification); single primer PCR (design of PCR primers from close located inverted repeat), automatically detecting SSR loci and direct PCR primer design, amino acid sequence degenerate PCR, Polymerase Chain Assembly (PCA), design amplicons that tile across a region(s) of interest and much more.
  • The “in silico” (virtual) PCR primers or probe searching or in silico PCR against whole genome(s) or a list of chromosome - prediction of probable PCR products and search of potential mismatching location of the specified primers or probes. Searching multiple targets simultaneously within a certain range. The “in silico” oligonucleotide search is helpful for discovering target binding sites with the temperature melting and PCR annealing temperature calculation.
  • A long oligonucleotide can be designed for microarray analyses and dual-labeled oligonucleotides for probes such as molecular beacons.
  • Comprehensive primer test, the melting temperature calculation for standard and degenerate oligonucleotides, primer's PCR efficiency and linguistic complexity, dilution and resuspension calculator.
  • Primers (probes) are analyzed for all primer secondary structures including the alternative hydrogen bonding to Watson-Crick base pairing such as G/C-quadruplexes or wobble base pairs (like G-G, G-T, G-A), hairpins, self-dimers and cross-dimers in primer pairs. The software utilizes combinations of normal and degenerated primers for all tools and for the melting temperature calculation are based on the nearest neighbour thermodynamic parameters.
  • The program includes various bioinformatics tools for analysis of sequences with GC or AT skew, CG% and GA% content and purine-pyrimidine skew, the linguistic sequence complexity; generation random DNA sequence with Tm or CG% control; restriction I-II-III types enzymes and homing endonucleases analysis, find or create restriction enzyme recognition sites for coding sequences and supports the clustering of sequences.
  • Sequence alignment tools, k-mer based distance calculation and consensus sequence generation and sequences similarity and conservancy analysis.
  • Efficient and complete detection of various types of repeats developed and applied to the program with a visualisation.

If you’re looking for a special feature or features that are not realized in the current version of the FastPCR software, please get in touch with us and we will customize the product specifically to your needs.

System requirements

FastPCR software can be installed exclusively on Microsoft Windows platform and properly works only on computers that meet the minimum technical specifications outlined below:


In case your computer does not meet any of the minimum system requirements you may have trouble using certain features of the software.

The trial version of FastPCR allows you to do a 21-day product evaluation. After the evaluation is completed you can either to buy a license and continue to use the software or simply remove the program from your computer via Add/Remove Program in the Windows control panel.

Our plans start from 100 EUR for 4 Months Licenses and allow you to find the option that suits your needs the most. The more detailed information about our pricing and plans you can find from here.

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FastPCR training & certification

The comprehensive FastPCR software and PCR application development training solutions, which now include training for FastPCR and WebTools. Additionally, our industry-leading enterprise development certifications validate skills in FastPCR software and PCR application development.
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